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We are an agency with digital advertising, apps and websites developments, media buy, content creation, big data analysis and audience understanding. Everything we do is based in data. We specialize in performance goals to build your brand in the digital world with quantifiable strategies that will make your business grow.


NY 1950 - 1960

In the 50’s in New York, there was a movement of young artists who came to live for a very low rent, they lived in spaces inside abandoned factories, in these places, the artists lived, collaborated, produced work, exhibited and sold this work, the Government of NY regulated these spaces with informative plaques with the acronym AIR, these plaques are born together with Lofts and with the idea of ​​teamwork a collaborative mentality is born, where loving what you do is what is important, because when that happens the results will always be extraordinary.

“In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes”

- Andy Warhol -



In a first phase, AIRmedia was born as a collective of designers, plastic and digital artists, being one of the first digital agencies in Mexico, but its main line of work was the BTL world (Events) but bit by bit the advertising industry was changing, and each time the demand is transforming AIRmedia into the digital world, at that time with the creation of arts for the nascent digital media, with the creation of websites, to become a 100% digital agency.


AIR Digital Advertising SA de CV

Nowadays AIRmedia is renewed and reborn as a Digital agency based on Data, we are a team of Digital Specialists, Project Managers, Marketers, Developers, Designers, Mathematicians, Community Managers and Creatives that share collaboration always looking for innovation and the best results for our customers, positioning brands and leading the way to success.

“The greatest risk is not take any."

- Mark Zuckerberg -

We believe in

Keep It Simple
Love Your Work
Being Impactful
Passion is key
Share the knowledge

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